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Thomas Boudier
Associate Professor

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Sorbonne Universités, Associate Professor.

Dr. Boudier has more than ten years’ experience in 3D image analysis applied to biology, and has contributed to many tools for the ImageJ and Icy software. His group is currently focusing on the automated analysis and modelling of spatial and temporal organization of cellular components within cells or of cells within tissues. Describing in an automated and quantitative way the spatial organization of the biological content inside an image can highlight functional aspects appearing in various malfunctioning cellular behaviour.


Dr Boudier works on different aspects of 3D/4D biomedical imaging analyis from denoising to 3D tracking. He is trying to combine in an integrated way the different aspects of image analysis. He already developed a method to combine segmentation and classification of objects based only on their shape, using supervised machine learning method. He obtained good results of more than 95% good segmentation and classification. However no algorithm can be 100 % perfect. Dr Boudier then recently developed a tracking procedure than take segmentation errors into account and obtained better results than classical tracking methods. The goal of his group is then to combine tracking and segmentation algorithms to build a robust software for cell and nuclei detection and tracking for 3D+t biological data.


Dr. Boudier´s group is applying these methodologies to various biological questions like protein distribution within cells, global nuclear genome organization, or cells in islets of Langerhans, involved in insulin regulation. The methodology proposed has a quite broader range of applications like video-monitoring, satellite imaging, … . Dr Boudier collaborates with the BII Imaging Division on different aspects of research and with other scientists in A-STAR, NUS or NTU.

Topics of interest: 

3D/4D image segmentation and analysis
Model-based image analysis


Image processing, Image analysis, segmentation, tracking, 3D, 4D, biomedical applications