"Ageing well" find out more about City4Age Project

City4Age is a 30-month EU-funded research project involving several European laboratories, companies and municipalities. It aims at developing solutions for mild cognitive impairments and frailty in the elderly population, with the city as its scale of action

Both in Europe and in Singapore, societies are facing the combined pressure of a shrinking workforce and an ageing population whose well-being must be guaranteed. We believe that the city is the right scale of action to build effective support systems that both reduce the demand for elderly-care workforce while creating an inclusive environment for the elderly within their community. We envision user-friendly, minimally invasive solutions that detect early signals of frailty, mild dementia and behaviour changes to allow for prolonged ageing in place and improved well-being. Being a major member of the City4Age project allows us to develop these solutions in a collaborative environment with our European partners, while deploying and testing them in Singapore.

IPAL coordinates the Singapore pilot site that focuses on encouraging social activity for an engaged community in the HDB. It is also in charge of the validation plan for the City4Age end solution and business use cases (Prof Mounir Mokhtari is the project exploitation manager).

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